Update on project: Rainscape

Brief blurbs from a current project Rainscape.
Rainscape will be in the upcoming Performance Arcade as part of the container series. More info and photos to come..

Rain snippet

The Performance Series – 30Upstairs Gallery, Dec 1 & 2 2014

Debbie Fish & Lisa Taylor use the gallery space to explore outdoor experience, recreating a rainy day with video projection and sound. Viewers are invited to take an umbrella and immerse themselves in the gentle, digital cascade. Unique software uses motion tracking to create a responsive environment, calling into question notions of power and control, care, and accountability for the physical world.

The Performance Arcade – Container Series 2015

It’s raining inside but you won’t get wet. Projections cast digital rain onto the floor of this container, which the public can walk through, disturbing the falling patterns of light. As people find their feet in this parallel universe their movements alter the space around them, allowing them to directly affect the weather.

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