Project: Glowing Jar Necklace – Happy Halloween

I’m loving how quick and easy seed lights are to use! They’re brilliant for adding a soft glow to decorations or for brightening up a costume at the last minute.

I picked these seed lights up for $20. They’re inexpensive and have a pretty good shelf life if you don’t intend to use them straight away.

This year, work was hosting a Halloween morning tea. People were encouraged to dress up, though most didn’t. I went as a Black Mage (so I could wear mainly black which most of my wardrobe is anyway), but to brighten it up and add a little bit of spooky magic to it, I made a glowing jar necklace (to contain all my magics).

I made this in ~30 minutes. Super quick and easy to make, so long as you’ve got all the items on hand.

You’ll need:

All the ingredients
  • A glass jar
  • A long chain (your own preference, but I went with black)
  • Black lace
  • Needle and black thread (thread color based on chain and lace color)
  • Seed lights (your choice of color)

I went with black to keep the black mage theme consistent. The lace is optional. I like to add things to help diffuse the glow a bit and to help hide the direct source of light.

To get the seed lights into the jar, I coiled the wire around a pencil. I found a pencil that fit through the jar lid and still have plenty of space.
Take care when coiling so that the wire is never too tight and won’t break.

After stitching up the lace and the chain to the lace, it was ready to go!

I wore this with V-neck dress, so it was easy for me to hide the wire by keeping the batter pack tucked under my singlet strap. They run off a couple of 3v batteries so they’re super light weight. You could stitch in a temporary pouch to house the battery case in instead.

Final design (I love quick and easy projects!):

Complete in about 30 minutes!

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